Managed Services Enable Employees to Focus on Meaningful Work

Managed Services Enable Employees to Focus on Meaningful Work
September 4, 2021

Take note, bosses: What American office workers really want is more meaningful work and less time spent on mundane tasks that sap time, energy and productivity. In a recent survey conducted by ServiceNow, 61 percent of workers said they would ask their boss for more meaningful work, while just 34 percent would ask for a raise.

Workers say they spend 40 percent of their time on routine tasks that do not have a direct impact on core job goals. Many of these tasks involve IT issues that workers don’t want to handle:

  • 37 percent would rather be stuck in traffic than troubleshoot a broken printer by themselves
  • 36 percent would rather stand in line at the DMV than troubleshoot an IT problem
  • 30 percent would rather take a call from a telemarketer than set up a new company computer

This mundane work is impacting employee morale. Almost half of respondents say they feel like they’re wasting time. One‑third claim to feel stressed, frustrated and like they’re not living up to their capabilities.

The survey results point to the importance of creating great employee experiences, especially when it comes to everyday tasks that keep employees from doing more value‑added work. One way to do that is by partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) who can remotely monitor and manage the IT environment.

Best-in-class MSPs use a variety of tools to proactively monitor and maintain the health of an organization’s systems and network, including desktop and mobile devices. These tools are capable of uncovering subtle problems that can result in dire consequences if they aren’t resolved right away. As a result, the MSP is able to address most issues before users even know they exist.

MSPs can take remote control of various systems and devices so problems can be fixed quickly to maintain optimal productivity. This can be done when the user is offline without the MSP signing into the device.

Remote monitoring and management tools also make it possible for the MSP to automate scheduled maintenance tasks such as software updates and patch management. Detailed performance reports can be customized and used to evaluate current network health, ensure security and regulatory compliance, and identify long-term trends. These reports show you how your systems are working and helps you determine the best way to keep them working smoothly in the future.

Professional services automation (PSA) tools further increase automation, service quality, support and efficiency. As a result, issues are addressed more quickly and with greater accuracy and consistency, which means more peace of mind for you and minimal disruption to business operations.

If you’re evaluating MSPs, ask if they use remote monitoring and management tools. Find out if their platform supports multiple operating systems so all user devices can be managed. Find out about their monitoring capabilities, the level of automation, and how much reporting they provide. An MSP should be able to provide you with reports that show what work has been done behind the scenes.

At ICG, managed IT services are our core offering. Let us show you how we help keep your systems and network healthy so that your employees are happier, more productive and focused on achieving business goals.

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