About Us

Since 1977, ICG has helped business owners focus on their core competencies and enjoy peace of mind.

Our Promise

Our objective is to alleviate your IT headaches and deliver strategic turnkey solutions that will make your business more efficient and profitable. ICG’s dedicated functional business practices allow us to offer resources, tools, and knowledge across a variety of disciplines. We’ve aligned our business with solution areas that can make a large impact for small and medium-sized businesses: Managed IT, Networks, and Cloud Services.

Our Values

  • Be accountable in every interaction

  • Motivate others to effectively achieve results

  • Be creative, resilient and persistent problem solvers

  • Strive to exceed our client’s expectations

  • Exhibit unmatched integrity

  • Promote a pleasant workplace

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect

Our Specialty

While many IT providers immediately point fingers when a problem is traced to a particular carrier or an “out-of-plan” hardware device, ICG takes an “own-the-problem” approach that gives you a single point of accountability. We are experts at aligning multi-vendor resources to quickly solve your problem and restore your Peace of Mind. This approach has enabled us to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

With IT rapidly evolving and becoming more complex, relying on professionals who can keep your systems up to speed makes more business sense than ever.

Leadership Team

Eduardo A. Gross

Eduardo A. Gross

Alberto J. Gross

Alberto J. Gross

Chairman & Founder
Daniel Arcelo

Daniel Arcelo

Chief Operations Officer & EOS Integrator
Louis Vargas

Louis Vargas

Director of MSP Service Delivery
Brenda Goodman

Brenda Goodman

Client Advocate

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