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Services description

Cloud Computing

[title_blue bottom_margin="no"]Tap into the ICG Cloud for IT-as-a-Service[/title_blue]

Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. This Internet based computing enables users to easily and cost-effectively access and share information from any connected device, anywhere in the world.

  ICG brings the power of the cloud to your business through our information technology as a service (ITaaS) offering. Much more than a ‘service’, it is an operational model, where the information technology aspect of an organization is run like business, leading directly to improved levels of business agility and improved financial transparency for IT services. [row][column_5]

ICG is bringing small and medium-sized business the powerful benefits of cloud computing:

[list_arrow] [item]Cost Savings[/item] [item]Greater Return on Investment[/item] [item]Energy Savings[/item] [item]Rapid Deployment[/item] [item]Reduced Reliance on Infrastructure[/item] [item]Less Hardware Depreciation[/item] [item]Customer Empowerment[/item] [/list_arrow]


ICG’s ITaaS offering delivers a comprehensive cloud solution that includes:

[list_arrow] [item]Virtualized Server Infrastructure[/item] [item]Hosted E-mail[/item] [item]Automated and Managed Backup[/item] [item]Microsoft Office Licensing[/item] [item]Anti-Virus/Spyware[/item] [item]Remote Desktops (using Microsoft Terminal Server)[/item] [item]Hosted Firewall[/item] [/list_arrow] [/column_4]  

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Client says

  • Costa Farms
    Costa Farms has engaged ICG as a consultant in a variety of areas over the years. Their expertise in Server Virtualization, Networking, SQL Database administration, Software RFP and General IT has be extremely valuable to our business. We have a collaborative partnership with ICG where I trust the services delivered will be in the best interest of Costa. I highly recommend ICG to any small and medium business looking for a genuine IT partner and advisor.

    Doug Watson
    IT Director, Costa Farms LLC
  • Esprit
    Last year we were faced with a unique situation wherein our warehouse needed to relocate to our new building 2-4 months prior to the rest of the company. To complicate matters, the new location had limited power and connectivity during renovations. The team at ICG was able to design and implement a solution that allowed us to work from two separate locations for over 2 months as if we were all in the same facility. When it came time to move completely into the new location, ICG was able to successfully move our entire network in one night. We were up and running the next morning as if we had been there for months. I would not trust our critical data or digital operations to any other company on the planet.

    George Cantafio
    General Manager, Esprit Miami
  • Bijoux
    ICG has been an excellent partner with Bijoux in managing both network and data center services. They have provided the appropriate resources to consolidate our infrastructure into their hosting facility while also facilitating the migration to new voice and data solutions. Our monthly expenses have been greatly reduced and we now have peace of mind. It is a pleasure to work with a vendor who approaches any task with a “can do” attitude. Their entire staff is committed to ensuring their solutions are in the best of interest of Bijoux.

    Robyn Mohr
    President, Bijoux Nouveau, Inc.
  • Team Produce
    Team Produce has partnered with ICG for over 25 years. They have helped up move from AS/400 to Windows Servers to a Cloud based IT system. As a small business we rely on ICG for all aspects of our IT. We have been able to delegate this part of our business to a trusted consultant who keeps us current with regard to new developments in Information and Communication Technology.

    Mike Parr
    President, Team Produce
  • BMI
    In 2013 we brought ICG in to assist with management of our network. We were seeking a solution that would provide 24/7/365 monitoring. ICG was able to give us piece of mind by accomplishing that and much more. They recommended and have implemented major upgrades to our virtual environment in an efficient, timely manner with no business interruption. ICG gives the perspective of working in your office with their responsiveness and sense of urgency in all matters.

    Scott Tommasino
    Operations Manager, BMI Financial Group, Inc.
  • GSK
    Their service has always been prompt and courteous. ICG monitoring has warned us several times of hardware issues that enabled us to be proactive in replacing parts before they failed. ICG's expertise at virtualizing servers enabled our virtualization project to be completed very smoothly with minimal downtime disruptions for our staff.

    Zvi Gold
    Partner/CIO, Goldstein Schechter Koch
  • CBM
    ICG has been much more than an IT provider; they are a trusted business advisor. We have visibility and control of what is happening all the time. ICG handles all of our custom application development, our network and our phone system. We have had no problems since they took over. We recommend ICG to any business owner.

    Matthew Sullivan
    President, Coastal Building Maintenance
  • Arellano
    Thanks to ICG, IT has become a valuable tool and resource, and is an integral part of our growth. ICG takes a proactive approach to systems maintenance and has literally rebuilt our network from the ground up. They are most certainly one of the reasons we are a better company today and will continue to be a better company tomorrow.

    Agustin Arellano Jr
    President, Arellano Construction Company
  • crucell
    We have relied on ICG for 20 years to provide us with all of our IT needs. With their custom program design and implementation, we have always received problem-solving solutions without any program deficiencies. Over the years, ICG has become our backup network for all our IT needs.

    Andres Murai
    President, Crucell Vaccines
  • Intermarket
    The ICG team is credible, ethical and professional. They respond with genuine concern for our company and employees. They address immediate needs as well as assist us with long-term planning. ICG is aware of innovations and incorporate that into our current IT environment and future plans. We work efficiently and effectively thanks to ICG providing proactive maintenance. There is a respect for the need to be productive and always “up and running”. I absolutely recommend ICG, as I have done numerous times and will continue to do.

    Patty Alvarez
    President, Intermarket Corporation
  • Amerikooler
    Since engaging ICG, AmeriKooler has experienced a dramatic decrease in network downtime while worker productivity has improved tremendously. Furthermore, I feel in complete control of our systems. Their staff is top quality and was able to handle all of our needs from network integration to custom application development.

    Renato Alonso
    President, AmeriKooler, Inc.
  • bdi
    Since hiring ICG, our systems are working correctly and I do not need to be involved. ICG has developed an affordable, fixed monthly payment plan that has made support costs easy and predictable. I recommend ICG to any business owner.

    Teo Rosell
    Vice President, BDI Construction Company
  • navarro
    ICG provides the full spectrum of support, coupled with a true understanding of our business needs. We have been able to drive significant process productivity with the applications the ICG team has developed. They are great at working internally with all company stakeholders, which is essential for driving process improvements.

    Jose Alvarez
    VP and Corp. Controller, Navarro Pharmacy
  • flower
    We have essentially partnered with ICG for all our technology needs. Whether its application development, network administration, project management or telecom needs, ICG has always provided excellent and professional support for our organization. I would highly recommend ICG to any business.

    Rick Jauregui
    CFO, International Flower Exchange
  • moss
    When you are busy running your business, it is hard to focus on the technical and ever-changing world of IT. ICG takes the IT challenge away by giving you the confidence and pertinent information you need to make the business decisions for your company.

    Scott R. Moss
    President, Moss and Associates
  • trailer utility
    It's my pleasure to recommend ICG to any company that would consider using them. We have used ICG for many years, and with their knowledge and responsiveness, any IT problems were always quickly resolved.

    Peter Verbeeck
    President, Utility Trailers
  • redbridge
    ICG is a critical strategic partner that enables us to operate efficiently, securely and profitably. They developed a custom application for our claims management and customer service needs, which helps us manage over 2,500 new patients each month.

    Francisco Recio
    Managing Partner, Redbridge Group
  • imusa
    ICG has been instrumental in building the infrastructure of our technology and computer systems. From setting up a new computer, virus protection, server and network maintenance, they have provided us with technology at reasonable prices.

    Manuel Gaunaurd III
    President Imusa USA, LLC
  • Hartz
    We were experiencing network problems and Internet interruptions. ICG was able to get us upgraded and updated while maintaining the integrity of our network with their awareness of the ever-changing world of technology. This not only increased productivity, but also decreased IT expenditures.

    Pat Diamond
    Administrator, George Hartz Lundeen

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