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Network Engineer – Level 2

Level 2 Network Engineer includes responding to and resolving issues with servers and networks that may require on-site service. Level 2 Network Engineers are responsible for assisting Level 1 personnel in solving basic technical problems and for investigating escalated issues by confirming the validity of the problem and seeking known solutions related to these more complex issues.

Responsibilities include:

  • Workstation hardware and software Support
  • Operating system support
  • Basic printing problems (mapping, drivers and connectivity)
  • Network connectivity problems
  • Installation of new software
  • File restoration and data backup
  • Spyware or virus cleaning from either PCs/Laptops
  • Configuration of workstations
  • Setup of new devices (PCs, simple network devices or peripherals)
  • Problems associated with 3rd party applications or devices
  • Server based password resets (documentation, access, and approval process)
  • User add, moves, or changes in Active Directory
  • Spyware or virus cleaning from servers
  • Setup of new devices (servers, complex network devices or peripherals)
  • Server diagnostics
  • Server troubleshooting
  • Back-up troubleshooting, configuration and review