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Improving Business Continuity with Unified Communications


Many organizations take their on-premises phone system for granted, not realizing how vulnerable it is when a hurricane, flood, fire or some other disaster strikes. However, it doesn’t take a major disaster to shut down a building. A simple water leak or electrical issue could easily render a workplace unusable.


Regardless of the severity of the event that causes the outage, essential communications and business tools are lost, and you may have no choice but to wait until power is restored and the building becomes accessible before you can use your on-premises system. Setting up a redundant phone system at another location is one solution to this problem, but it can be very expensive and complex to deploy and maintain a separate system.


Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) provides reliable business continuity by moving communications and collaboration tools to the cloud. Employees can access the organization’s UC system from any device with an Internet connection. Disaster recovery and business continuity are the responsibility of the service provider, who houses equipment in an enterprise-class data center and has failover capabilities to prevent downtime.


Most organizations adopt UCaaS for reasons other than business continuity. Like most cloud services, UCaaS eliminates the expense of purchasing, deploying and maintaining an on-premises system. UCaaS can also be quickly deployed and centrally managed through an online interface.


Although disaster recovery is rarely a primary driver of UCaaS adoption, the disaster-related benefits should not be underestimated. Organizations concerned about cost should consider the capital and operational expenses of building and maintaining a redundant UC infrastructure to be used only in an emergency.


Of course, the cost of downtime could be far more significant in terms of lost revenue, lost customers and a damaged reputation. Effective communication can mean the difference between weathering a disaster and closing your doors. UCaaS makes that possible.


With UCaaS, employees continue to use the same communications applications and services during a disaster that they use every day, without compromising performance, reliability or availability. Employees can remotely access UC tools from home, a satellite office or a temporary office on any Internet-connected desktop or mobile device. It may take some time for the physical structure to recover from a disaster, but the ability to communicate and conduct business is never lost.


ICG can help you take advantage of a turnkey UCaaS solution that combines enterprise-class voice communications with carrier-grade reliability, security and interoperability. Our scalable, pay-as-you-grow system makes it easy to measure ROI while reducing the trial-and-error and high costs that typically come with UC deployment. Each user will have a single phone number to allow for instant collaboration, and our system can be integrated with users’ mobile devices.


Let us help you develop a strategic plan for migrating from legacy communications systems to our UCaaS solution to ensure seamless business continuity.