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Managing a server room and an entire fleet of desktops and laptops is a costly, complex operation that is only getting harder. By turning to hosted servers and desktops from ICG, your hardware burden disappears, lowering TCO and allowing IT to work on strategic initiatives.


Hosted Servers

ICG delivers a comprehensive cloud server solution including security, performance, and management, all built on the industry’s leading enterprise-caliber virtualization platform. Virtualization has been used in large-scale IT environments for years to lower hardware, heating and cooling, and power costs. With ICG, your company will no longer have to worry about adding or replacing server hardware, or updating a server OS to stay current; it’s all part of the package.

Hosted Desktops

A hosted virtual desktop solution from ICG provides a smarter way to manage end user machines. By using simple hardware clients and a virtual desktop infrastructure, the timely and costly effort of managing applications, storage and performance across all users can be done in one easy-to-use management console. Burdensome tasks like rolling out new applications, maintaining secure endpoints and provisioning new machines are drastically simplified for IT while end users will always be up-to-date and have consistent experiences no matter where they are and what device they are using.