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Cyberattacks Are on the Rise – Here Are Ways to Protect Yourself


Many small businesses assume they won’t be targeted for cyberattack. That’s a big mistake.

It’s true that hackers once focused on large corporations because of their significant financial resources and large volumes of sensitive data. Now, however, small businesses are under siege.


  • Small organizations are conducting more business online. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance and Symantec, 66 percent of small businesses depend on the Internet for day-to-day operations.
  • Small businesses are collecting more sensitive information about employees, customers and suppliers. Sixty-nine percent of SMBs say they have sensitive information to protect.
  • And, face it, small organizations tend to have weaker cybersecurity than larger companies, making them easy targets that can pay potentially big dividends.

Take a look at this recent New York Times article, “No Business Too Small to Be Hacked.”

The time and expertise required to maintain adequate security prevents many small businesses from defending against cyber threats. However, you can boost your company’s security by following these best practices:

  • Use complex passwords – a combination of letters, numbers and special characters – that are different from personal passwords.
  • Don’t use consumer applications and services on business devices.
  • Be alert to suspicious emails, attachments and links.
  • Keep security patches up-to-date to guard against the latest vulnerabilities.
  • Make sure your data is backed up and can be restored if needed.

Cybersecurity requires everyone’s involvement. If you’re concerned about security threats or need additional assistance, we invite you to contact ICG to schedule a confidential consultation.