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April 16, 2015

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How Mobile Is Taking Videoconferencing Mainstream

In our last post we discussed how mobile devices have become essential tools for real-time collaboration. This is especially true when it comes to videoconferencing, which has emerged from the boardroom to become an everyday application at everyone’s fingertips.


No longer a hardware-centric solution, videoconferencing is now software-based, browser-based and cloud-based. This has enabled more use cases for video and makes the technology easier and less expensive to implement and manage across the organization.


In many cases, videoconferencing investments can be recovered by the ability to conduct meetings with geographically dispersed workforces. While videoconferencing significantly reduces travel costs, the benefits go far beyond airfare and hotels. Video improves the quality of collaboration and decision making and reduces the lead time required for meetings. Organizations can create competitive advantages by accelerating the pace of business and introducing new products and services more quickly. Video also tends to keep meeting participants more focused and accountable, which improves productivity and shortens meetings.


Companies that use videoconferencing for hiring can speed the interview process and include more people in the process if necessary. Retention rates are often improved because video allows for greater flexibility and work-life balance without sacrificing face-to-face interactions. Videoconferencing enables salespeople to meet with more customers, and customer relationships and loyalty are strengthened when phone calls and emails are replaced with videoconferencing.


The emergence of mobility in the workplace is driving more widespread acceptance and usage of videoconferencing, which is leading to even higher ROI. People use mobile video outside of the office and are now embracing mobile videoconferencing at work. As the name suggests, mobile videoconferencing involves the use of smartphones and tablets to access and participate in videoconferences. You don’t need a desktop computer or elaborate video system. Because mobile videoconferencing is so simple to use from anywhere on any device, it takes flexibility, collaboration, speed and productivity to whole new levels.


Consumer-grade products may be familiar to employees, but enterprise-grade products offer the functionality, interoperability and security required in the workplace. For example, your mobile videoconferencing solution should be able to support a company-wide meeting with hundreds of people using a wide variety of devices, as well as a small department meeting with five people using the same type of device. Even if everyone in your organization uses the same devices and applications, you need to be able to support customers and business partners who use different technology. This will enable all users to customize and optimize the experience.


ICG has been helping customers take advantage of mobile for many years. Our specialists can help ensure your Wi-Fi network has adequate bandwidth and performance, and design and implement a mobile videoconferencing solution that maximizes ROI and improves the quality and flexibility of collaboration. Let us evaluate the readiness of your network and show you how to use mobile videoconferencing as part of your day-to-day business operations.