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Alberto J. Gross


Al Gross, founder of International Consulting Group, began his career in information technology at IBM Corporation, where he was a systems engineer.

Following his tenure at IBM, he was director of Management Information Systems at RFP Corporation, where he installed the first S/3 Model 15 with CCP (Communication Control Protocol) in South Florida. This computer was the first “unbundled” computer system where the hardware and system software were priced separately. The disk-oriented Model 15 had a new system control program and a new operator control language (OCL).

Since founding ICG in 1977, Gross has aided over 250 local, national and international companies with pre-installation studies, design of information technology systems, selection of hardware platforms, installation of equipment, and programming, testing, and on-going implementation of applications.

His area of expertise is computer applications. He has intimate knowledge of all aspects of OS/400, DB2, CL, RPG400, Cobol and Fortran.

Gross holds a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Miami.

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